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Neurosurgeon Naples Fl

Neurosurgeon Naples Fl

You wouldn't trust your brain and nervous system to any neurosurgeon in Naples FL. The OrthoSpine Institute provides quality care for those with traumatic or other brain injuries in the warm, welcoming, and sunny state of Florida.

What is neurosurgery?

Many people associate neurosurgery with the brain. While this can be true it also involves the nervous system.

Nerves reach throughout the body and a failure in this system is crippling. Pain and even uncontrolled movements are possible with an illness or injury impacting this system. If you are involved in a sports, work, or automobile accident and experience odd pain, contact a doctor within 14 days to avoid losing your legal protection.

Tips for choosing a neurosurgeon

In this case, it is brain surgery or neurosurgery. This form of care is among the most intricate and demanding in the medical world with one slip leading to severe disability or even death. Make sure that your surgeon:

  • Has a track record of providing quality care
  • Has experience with your specific issue
  • Research your chosen hospital
  • Communicate with your professionals before making a choice
  • Read the reviews
  • Find a place where you can truly recover

Make sure that you trust your chosen hospital and doctors before proceeding. The OrthoSpine Institute strives to provide only the highest quality care in the best environment.

A track record of quality care

Never trust one of your most important and delicate organs and systems to a new surgeon. Doctor Anthony Inglese, the neurosurgeon at our institute, knows the brain. Over 18 years of experience and real-world experience in advanced techniques give him advanced knowledge of the field.

Our professionals work to help you recover and treat your condition but are also a great resource for finding the right care for your condition. Certifications from the State of Florida and numerous national boards give us a leg up in helping you through the entire process.

How invasive is surgery on the nervous system?

Surgery is proven but is invasive. Any time someone cuts into your body, the result can be life altering. In fact, we seek to help manage pain before reaching for the final cut.

Our professionals are experienced in more than neurosurgery. We work in the field of pain management as well and will work with you to ensure that you receive a proper and proven level of care.

What do I need to do to recover from brain surgery?

Recovery is about more than rest. Our pain management professionals strive to provide the best quality of care without merely prescribing pain medication. Surgical procedures leave you sore and can produce some pain.

Getting the right help gets you back on your feet. Pain medications are addictive, and we understand this. We want you to feel your best without resorting to a dangerous form of treatment.

Finding neural care

Finding the right neurosurgeon in Naples FL is crucial to the health of your brain and body. Neurosurgery is a serious undertaking. The OrthoSpine Institute offers the help you need to find the right doctor and get back on your feet after surgery.

Get in touch with us today to start your journey to a better and healthier life.

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Neurosurgeon Naples Fl
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