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Minority Certified Fulfillment

Minority Certified Fulfillment

Mindsets matter. Cultural differences and the needs of historically underserved groups can no longer be ignored. One bad experience can cost your business a customer for a lifetime. WSA offers minority certified fulfillment based on the needs of every customer.

Understanding Diverse Perspectives

Supply chains benefit from the inclusion of every perspective. Processes matter. Knowing how to interact with businesses and customers improves experiences and overall satisfaction.

Bringing together every perspective matters. Companies with culturally diverse boards are 43 percent more likely to experience higher profits.

Importance of Diversity

The statistics do not lie. The more inclusive a company is, the better able it is to serve the need of customers.

Cultural, gender, and ethnic diversity in the supply chain:

  • Allows logistics providers to understand business needs better
  • Helps in providing excellent service in the return, re-work, and re-kitting process
  • Makes businesses more considerate of every customer when crafting processes and customer experiences
  • Improves every interaction

When you choose a third-party logistics partner, find one that helps put your best foot forward. Packaging and delivery need to account for the needs of a diverse audience.

Importance of Customer Service

The need to understand customers is even more important today. More than half of customers, 73 percent, expect better experiences in 2020 and 2021 than in 2019.

Working with customers in a mindful way helps create a positive image of your company. Delivery drivers and return specialists alone interact with employees, customers, and businesses. One bad experience potentially results in the loss of a customer for two years or more.

Diversity in the Return Process

Returns and re-kitting require direct contact with your customers. Businesses need to know why a return occurs and decide if the product falls within warranty or was dead on arrival.

Diverse companies are better prepared to help in these situations. We understand the intricacies involved in working with any group.

How do I craft compelling packaging?

Packaging is a major part of your brand. Putting your best foot forward while maintaining cost is difficult.

WSA can help you find the best images, slogans, and branding for every package. Our kitting and branding services build content that sticks in the minds of every customer. Design customized packaging that sells instead of packaging that damages your reputation.

Diversity in Software Integration

Knowing the best way to serve your community can be difficult, especially when there is no human behind the product. Software needs to work for everyone.

Integrating software with consideration of the language or cultural needs of users is important. Images, content, and experiences need to help instead of create frustration.

Minority Certified Fulfillment in North America

A minority certified fulfillment provider manages experiences in ways that improve customer satisfaction. Diverse suppliers know how to interact with all customers. As a return, re-kitting, re-working, and branding partner, it is essential to find a mindful fulfillment provider.

WSA is a minority certified third-party logistics company. Visit our website to find out how we can help you reach every customer.

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